The Wound Healing Center is a hospital-based, outpatient center that diagnoses and treats chronic wounds—wounds that have not healed in four weeks or more.

The Center’s multidisciplinary team of specialists, including vascular and general surgeons, infectious disease clinicians, family practitioners, podiatrists and nurses, heals chronic wounds and nonresponsive conditions through comprehensive care plans tailored to individual patients.

The Center designates a dedicated physician and a nurse case manager to each patient to better address individual needs and improve outcomes. The Wound Healing Center’s partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and University of Maryland Medical Center gives patients access to the latest research and technology in wound care.

At the Center an array of physicians interact with one another regularly to ensure the highest quality of personalized care management is provided, and who communicate openly with our patients to help educate them on their conditions.

For more information about the Wound Healing Center or to make an appointment, call 1-855-866-HEAL or 410-225-8600.